About Protect Licking Heights

Protect Licking Heights was founded after we successfully passed our levy in a hard-fought election in May of 2013. Levy Co-Chairs Melissa Gibson and Anna Swank saw our community come together for our schools, and wanted to build on that momentum.

In September of 2013, Protect Licking Heights received official recognition from the School Board as a support organization for our district, and Judith Santmire joined the team. The protectLH Steering Committee currently meets weekly as we develop bylaws and establish our organizational structure. We aim to establish membership and elect our first Board of Directors in the spring of 2014.


Uniting our schools, residents, and businesses as a community with the goal of providing excellence in education.

Licking Heights Schools - Protectlh Vision

A community united in providing excellence in education to the students of Licking Heights; where the entire community benefits from and is responsible for creating lifelong learners with 21st-century skills; where students and parents, teachers and administrators, community leaders and residents work together in order to fully prepare our children to thrive in their adult lives.

We work towards our vision by:

  • Connecting the community with its school
  • Promoting great understanding of school programs
  • Fostering communication, collaboration, and innovation between teachers, administrators, students, and parents.

licking heights_ProtectLH Steering Committee

The protectLH Steering Committee meets weekly to develop our bylaws and organizational structure, and work on current initiatives and events. We aim to establish our membership and elect our first Board of Directors in the spring of 2014.

Melissa Gibson is a Bodily Injury Claim Adjuster with State Farm Insurance. In addition to Melissa’s eight years in the insurance industry, her background includes service in the United States Air Force and four years as a Branch Manager at Scott Credit Union in Southern Illinois. Additionally, Melissa also serves on the Diversity and Inclusion Council at State Farm Insurance and has her bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix.

Melissa moved to the Licking Heights district in 2005. She has four children; three of whom are in our schools, and one who will start soon. With skills in communication, customer service, and a passion for education, Melissa will be heading up The Kindness Project.

Judith Santmire is the Chief Operating Officer of the Ohio Child Care Resource and Referral Association (OCCRRA). Judith has over 15 years of accounting and non-profit management experience. She has served on numerous non-profit boards of directors; as a career coach; and on the West PTO.

Judith was born and raised in Columbus, earning her master’s in Business Administration and bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Franklin University. She moved to the district in 2003 with her husband and currently has a 1st grader at West. Judith provides guidance on governance, finance and fundraising and she will be heading up the Spring Carnival.

Anna Swank operates a small home daycare, and was previously the Operations Director at a design research firm in Columbus. A Columbus native, Anna moved to the Licking Heights district in 2001 with her family. She and her husband have five kids in our schools, and her “spare” time is often spent caring for whatever woodland creatures are brought into her home. With skills in communication and graphic design, Anna oversees our social media content, our mailing list, and is heading up the Community Consignment Sale.